Keep it Simple; Keep it Real

About Blondie

Hi, and welcome to my blog.  I’m Sandra aka “Blondie”.  But you can call me Blondie.  I work a full time job, have two middle school aged children, own a home (ok; the bank owns it), and I have a few business interests.  I’m also in a long-term relationship with my significant other TJ.  My busy life has become to stressful to maintain all my interests, so I’ve toned down my business interests until such time as I have decluttered my home and life.  I read several blogs on a regular basis; and this blog is simply my own personal journeys in life. 

2012 is dedicated to de-cluttering my < 1200 square foot home; in which 4 people currently reside. Its a 3 bedroom; 1 1/2 bath; 1 car garage home.  A small home by what appears to be the national average.

I hope you enjoy following my journey and maybe, just maybe I can help someone along the way. 

Please note:  I am not currently compensated by any company for mentioning products in my blog.  Any products mentioned are from my own personal use and experience.


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